$12 for Tacoma

Now is the time to raise wages for Tacoma workers, and Measure 1B is the reasonable solution that makes sense for our community. 1B will raise the city’s minimum wage to $12 an hour, phased in over two years. This Tacoma-specific measure addresses income inequality and is right for the city’s workers and for the city’s economy.

Measure 1B will raise the minimum wage by 27 percent (from $9.47 to $12.00), which will have a positive impact in employees’ lives. Unlike the other Tacoma minimum wage measure on the Nov. 3 ballot, 1B provides a reasonable wage increase in a reasonable time frame.

Measure 1B is the reasonable and responsible alternative to Measure 1, which is too extreme for Tacoma. Measure 1 would impose on Tacoma the largest citywide minimum wage in the U.S. ($15 an hour) on Dec. 4. There would be no phase-in period to allow businesses to adjust. Vote Yes on 1B!