Reggie Frederick: Measure 1B gives me time to adjust to new wage

Reggie Frederick owns Chalet Bowl, a bowling center that has been operating in the Proctor District for 74 years, making it the oldest bowling center in the state. If the extreme Measure 1 is approved on this fall’s ballot, the minimum wage will go up by 58 percent overnight, having a severe impact on his … READ MORE

Bill Lemke: $12 for Tacoma works for nonprofits

Bill Lemke is executive director of NW Furniture Bank, a Tacoma nonprofit that provides furniture to 125 low-income families a month.  He charges a small fee to those families, low enough that it’s not a burden on them financially. But if the city’s minimum wage goes up overnight to $15 an hour, Lemke’s labor costs … READ MORE

Dave Harkness: Measure 1B makes sense for Tacoma

For 95 years, Dave Harkness’ family has owned and operated Harkness Furniture in South Tacoma. “We are about as South Tacoma as you can get,” he said. But Measure 1 is a grave threat to his business because it would increase the city’s minimum wage by 58 percent overnight. If $15 an hour becomes law, … READ MORE

Tacoma Weekly Op-Ed: Measure 1B is the right choice to raise Tacoma’s minimum wage

Tacoma business owner Don Hansen (pictured) and City Councilman Marty Campbell write today in Tacoma Weekly: “Measure 1B is supported by a broad coalition of community leaders, business leaders, nonprofits and workers who are committed to addressing income inequality with a solution appropriate for the city of Tacoma and our economy. They all recognize that … READ MORE

Tacoma Mayor supports $12 for Tacoma in TNT op-ed

Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland and small business owner Reggie Frederick support Measure 1B in an op-ed today in the Tacoma News Tribune. By Marilyn Strickland and Reggie Frederick Opportunity, diversity, collaboration and a willingness to compromise are all part of what make Tacoma a great community. We encourage entrepreneurs and businesses, we celebrate the cultures … READ MORE

TNT Letter: Measure 1B is the right way to raise the minimum wage

Dave Harkness, whose family has owned their South Tacoma furniture store for 95 years, writes a letter in the TNT today: David Harkness, Tacoma I want to commend The News Tribune on its recent editorial about the negative impacts of a $15 minimum wage and the paper’s support for the much more reasonable $12 minimum … READ MORE

KING 5: Tacoma nonprofits concerned about $15 minimum wage

Nonprofits in Tacoma are rising up for $12 for Tacoma because they know it’s the reasonable choice that won’t ruin them overnight like the extreme $15 measure. See the story this week from KING 5. KING 5 TACOMA, Wash. — Charlie Thompson is not trying to get political. The executive director of Tacoma’s St. Vincent … READ MORE