Public agencies also will have to pay more if Tacoma minimum wage climbs

Tacoma News Tribune – Public sector agencies are crunching the numbers ahead of the November vote on raising the minimum wage to see how bigger paychecks might affect their budgets. Voters wanting to increase wages in Tacoma will have two options — $12 an hour by 2018 or $15 immediately. Some agencies say they can … READ MORE

Tacoma voters to consider new wage floor

A couple takeaways from this TNT story: 1) The $15 measure would take effect even faster than thought, on Dec. 4, just one month after the election. 2) There are two minimum wage Questions for voters to answer on this fall’s ballot. It’s important that people also vote on Question 2 regarding the minimum wage, … READ MORE

$12 minimum wage for Tacoma sways crowd at Pacific Lutheran University debate

Tacoma News Tribune – Advocates for a slower increase in Tacoma’s minimum wage won a debate Thursday night in front of a packed house at Pacific Lutheran University. More than 150 people crowded into Xavier Hall on the campus in Parkland, where two student debaters were paired with two advocates on each side of the … READ MORE

UW Tacoma students unsure about raising campus minimum wage

UW Tacoma students understand that $15 is too much for the city of Tacoma. See the article below: Tacoma News Tribune UW Tacoma students unsure about raising campus minimum wage Students at University of Washington’s Seattle campus pushed and protested for administrators to raise campus workers’ wages to $15 an hour. But at the UW … READ MORE

$12 for Tacoma has strong showing at PLU debate

What a week it’s been for $12 for Tacoma. First the Tacoma News Tribune endorses the campaign, then the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber endorses, and then at a debate last night, $12 for Tacoma came out with a very strong showing. What we’re seeing is when the public is faced with the choice between $12 and … READ MORE

Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber endorses $12 for Tacoma

We are happy to report that the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber has endorsed $12 for Tacoma. The news so far has been covered by Tacoma Weekly, the Business Examiner and Exit 133. Below is the full rundown from the Chamber: Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber endorses $12 for Tacoma ‘Measure 1B is the minimum wage increase that works … READ MORE

Tacoma News Tribune endorses $12 for Tacoma

The Tacoma News Tribune has endorsed $12 for Tacoma, saying that Measure 1B is the “far better choice” for raising the city’s minimum wage. In an Oct. 3 editorial, the paper says that the other wage increase on the ballot, Measure 1 (which would increase the wage to $15 basically overnight), is too extreme for … READ MORE

TNT says $15 minimum wage is too extreme for Tacoma

In a editorial over the weekend, the Tacoma News Tribune said a $15 minimum wage is too extreme for Tacoma and would kill some small businesses. In the Sept. 26 editorial, in which the TNT endorsed three candidates for City Council, the paper said it couldn’t support City Council candidates who supported the $15 minimum … READ MORE

Business Examiner: Tacoma business owners launch $12 For Tacoma campaign

Business Examiner – A pair of small business owners are officially launching a campaign to pass the proposed $12 minimum wage in Tacoma. Don Hansen, the owner of three senior care facilities (Cascade Park Gardens, Cascade Park Vista and Cascade Park Active Day) and Kevin Hayes, founder and principal of Tacoma Marketing Group are co-chairing … READ MORE