Tacoma voters to consider new wage floor

A couple takeaways from this TNT story:

1) The $15 measure would take effect even faster than thought, on Dec. 4, just one month after the election.

2) There are two minimum wage Questions for voters to answer on this fall’s ballot. It’s important that people also vote on Question 2 regarding the minimum wage, even if they vote No on Question 1. For more background on this fall’s ballot, go here.

Tacoma News Tribune

Tacoma voters to consider new wage floor

This fall, Tacoma voters will be the latest to decide whether to raise their city’s minimum wage. They will also get to choose how far and fast any increase should go.

One option, placed on the ballot by the citizen group 15 Now Tacoma, raises the wage floor to $15 immediately. The alternative, suggested by the city, raises it to $12 and has a phase-in period.

Here’s a look at the issue:


Washington state’s minimum wage is $9.47 per hour. Since 1998, it has been adjusted each year to reflect changes in the cost of living.

The state’s cost of living is the 16th highest in the country. But regional differences matter: It’s more expensive to live in Western Washington than Eastern Washington, for example. And Seattle, which is raising its minimum wage to $15 in the next three to five years, has a much higher cost of living than Tacoma’s — almost 34 percent higher, by one measure.