Measure 1 vs. Measure 1B

Tacoma will have two minimum wage measures on the ballot this fall, but only one is designed with Tacoma in mind.

Measure 1B was placed on a ballot by the Tacoma City Council and supported by community and business leaders because it is a reasonable solution that makes sense for the city of Tacoma. Measure 1B will increase the city minimum wage from $9.47 to $12 an hour and will be phased in over two years, allowing the city’s businesses time to adjust.

The competing measure, Measure 1, however, would increase the city minimum wage to $15 an hour, instantly making it the highest citywide minimum wage in the country and going far out of bounds of what’s appropriate for Tacoma, where the cost of living is 83 percent the cost of living in Seattle. Measure 1 would force Tacoma businesses to adopt the full $15 wage immediately on Dec. 4, rather than a more thoughtful phased-in approach.

With both measures on the ballot, it’s important for voters to check the box for Measure 1B to approve a reasonable $12 minimum wage for the city of Tacoma and to leave the box for Measure 1 blank .

This fall’s ballot has two questions pertaining to the minimum wage:

  1. In the first question on the ballot, voters should check “yes” that they support an increase in the minimum wage.
  2. In the second question on the ballot, they should check the box for Initiative Measure No. 1B, and not the competing measure, Initiative Measure No. 1. Voters are allowed to choose only one measure.

Voters should remember that “B is best.”

Below is how the questions will look and how voters should mark their ballot.